Vapor compression stills

Mueller VaPure® Vapor Compression Stills

TheVaPure vapor compression still boils softened feedwater and condenses the steam to produce pure distilled water. It is the most cost-effective system available for producing high-purity water, yielding up to 1,000 GPH with no external steam source, or coolant, and no filtering membranes or resins. The VaPure still consistently outperforms reverse osmosis, deionization, and conventional distillation processes and costs less to maintain. It produces chemically and biologically pure distillate that meets or exceeds industry standards, including EPA, FDA, and WQA.

The VaPure vapor compression still consists of a plate heat exchanger, a feedwater degasser, an evaporator/ condenser, a compressor, and a distillate degasser. The exclusive plate-type evaporator/condenser uses cooling energy from incoming feedwater to cool pure vapor. Heat recovered from the distillate and wastewater stream are used to preheat feedwater. This design makes VaPure stills six to ten times more energy efficient than conventional thermal stills and twice as efficient as other manufacturers' vapor compression stills. They are available with 25 GPH and 1,000 GPH capacities and are designed to work with a variety of pretreated feedwater sources, including tap water, deionized water, and brackish water.