Horizontal Agitation

Mueller's patented, USDA-accepted, horizontal agitator is cleaned in place and complies with 3A sanitary standards for silo-type storage tanks for milk and milk products. The agitator and seal assembly do not require removal from the tank for cleaning as is required for other horizontal agitators currently available. The newly designed agitator is satisfactory for use in plants that are accepted for the USDA Dairy Grading Branch Survey Program.

This design is also capable of fully separating all sealing surfaces for periodic inspection without the need to remove the agitator shaft. For cleaning, simply open the manway door, install the CIP door and attachment assembly, turn on the agitator, and start your CIP cycle. There's no need to loosen or remove the shaft, thus eliminating the confined space entry procedure.

Retrofit Option

Retrofit for patented, USDA-accepted, 3A designed, fully CIP-able horizontal agitator is also available for field installation.

horizontal agitator Horizontal Agitator Seal Assembly