Temp-Plate® Heat Transfer Surface

Temp-Plate art

Mueller Temp-Plate heat transfer surface provides precise, consistent control capability with minimum pressure drop. Its patented design provides extremely efficient heat transfer performance more economically than competitive types of heat transfer surface. Spot welded and inflated channels induce the fluid turbulence necessary to attain high heat transfer coefficients. Lower flow rates are necessary to accomplish high velocities of heating or cooling media.

Temp-Plate art

Mueller Temp-Plate heat transfer surface is ideally suited for applications involving high pressure and temperature extremes. It can be routinely fabricated in an almost unlimited number of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any vessel design. Styles are available for use with almost any type of refrigerant or heating media.

Half-Pipe Coil

Half Pipe Coil Head

Mueller half-pipe coil heat transfer surface handles large volumes of flow and is suited for high-pressure applications as well as low-pressure drop requirements. It is ideal for cyclic heat transfer conditions in which heating and cooling cycles occur several times a day, as it is very resistant to stress corrosion cracking.

Available in a variety of materials, half-pipe coil can be used for heating or cooling using steam, hot oil, water, ammonia, and refrigerants. ASME code stamping is available.

Half-Pipe Options:

  • Sizes ranging from 2 through 4 inches, 180 or 120 degrees.
  • Materials include 10 gauge, Type 304L, and 316L satinless steel. Schedule 40 is used for heads.
  • Tank diameter can be 30-inch minimum, 170-inch maximum.
  • Number of turns: 880 lineal feet, continuously coiled.
  • Two-week delivery time on 10 gauge.
  • Half-pipe coil can be supplied for shells or heads. If for heads, Mueller must supply both the head and the half-pipe.
  • Half-pipe coil can be supplied for vessels from 30- to 170-inch diameter with pitches from 2 to 12 inches.
  • Can be supplied in a continuous coil for ease of installation. Coil pitch can be up to 12 inches larger than pipe diameter.
  • Mueller supplies half-pipe or full-pipe rolled to the correct diameter as specified.

Dimpled Jacket

dimpled jacket

Dimpled one side, Mueller Temp-Plate construction is machine punched and swaged prior to welding. Dimpled jackets can withstand higher flow rates with lower pressure drops. Dimpled jacket can also be supplied in flat sheets or shapes, dished or rolled to fit, for customer installation.

Our Options are Endless:

  • Material types available include stainless steel, carbon steel, and other alloys.
  • Many material gauges and working pressures are available.
  • MIG plug-welded or resistance spot welded types available.
  • Variable spacing is available for different pressure requirements; reduces welding times.
  • Head and cone sections are provided with radial patterns for ease of installation.

Tank Cylinders


Mueller is known worldwide for fabricating processing and storage tanks for a variety of industries. Every tank we fabricate starts the same way -- with a tank cylinder. Mueller regularly custom fabricates tank cylinders as long as 72 feet in length and in sections as tall as 16 feet. Some are as thin as 20 gauge or as thick as 3/4-inch plate. Some are equipped with Temp-Plate heat transfer surface for specific requirements.

Visit Mueller's Heat Transfer Products site for a complete product overview.