DFE Sentry III Control Panel

Manage Your Milk Cooling System with Ease

A Mueller Sentry® III control panel helps you ensure the quality of your milk by managing the essential blending, cooling, and cleaning functions of your cooler with a range of features to allow you to select the level of control that's right for your business.

Mueller Sentry III is the industry's most advanced control system. It can be programmed for any milking schedule with exact cycle lengths for cooling, precooling, agitation, and cleaning. Flashing indicator lamps show the current refrigeration or washing cycle, and a digital readout allows easy temperature monitoring. Sentry also has a precooling function to lower the cooler temperature for more efficient cooling during the second and subsequent milkings. A flashing temperature alarm indicates when milk is 44°F (6.6°C) or above, or 34°F (1°C) or below.

Features and Benefits
  • Quality Assured
    Complies with CE, 3-A, CSA, and
    British Water Research Center regulations.
  • Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
    Customization of cooling, agitation, and washing functions to your
    milk cooling schedule; ability to change cycles at the push of a button;
    reliable industrial design.
  • Flashing Indicator/Temperature Alarm Lamps
    Easy monitoring of cooling, precooling, agitation, and cleaning;
    reduces the chance of losing milk due to unsafe temperatures.
  • Auto Dosing For Chemicals (Tank-Mounted Option)
    Saves time and improves accuracy of measurements.
  • Digital Time Controls
    Accurate feeding of all chemicals including detergent, acid, and sanitizer.
  • Time-Delayed Refrigeration Cycles
    Better refrigeration control and energy efficiency during first milking.
  • Pre-Cool Cycle
    Precools milk in tank for faster, more efficient cooling during 2nd, 3rd,
    or 4th milkings; creates lower blend temperatures.
  • Variable Agitation Cycles
    Selection to fit your schedule and cooler size.
  • Choice of Rinse and Acid Temperatures
    Customize the cycles to fit your needs.
  • Wash, Sanitize, and Acid Options
    Allows you to choose the functions needed.
  • Watertight Cabinet (NEMA 4X)
    Increased safety during washdowns.
  • Industrial-Grade Components
    Withstands rigors of daily use.
  • Manual Override Switch
    Can bypass electrical controls in an emergency situation.
  • Low-Voltage Controls
    24 vac control circuits for safer operation.

Additional Features of the Front-Mount Sentry III
  • Auto Dosing of Chemicals Fed on Suction Side of Pump
    Air gap eliminates chance of city or well water contamination.
  • Pressure Safety Switch
    Cleaning cycles will not start without adequate water supply.
  • Pre-Wired Controls and Pump Installed
    Reduces installation costs.
  • No Possibility of Lost Chemicals or Injury
    Chemical pumps work against atmospheric pressure.
  • Electrical Component Protection
    All exposed components are wash-down duty with a
    stainless steel shroud to further protect electrical enclosure.
DFE Milk Cooler