DFE DSV Vertical Silo

Model DSV Silos

Mueller “DSV” silos provide the ultimate in product protection during storage and their vertical design allows maximum product storage in a minimum of space. Mueller is the only silo manufacturer to go to the time and expense to offer a stud-welded, circumferentially banded bottom construction which protects against fatigue. Mueller offers “DSV” silos in 7,000, 8,000, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000, 20,000, and 30,000 gallon sizes for your convenience.

  • Style: Cylindrical, vertical style with 120" inside diameter (140" inside diameter on 30,000-gallon silos).
  • Lining: Type 304 stainless steel, No. 4 finish.
  • Insulation: Three-inch rigid insulation.
  • Jacket: Outer jacket made of carbon steel, prime painted.
  • Inlet and Outlet: Three-inch inlet/outlet ferrule.
  • Manway: Stainless steel, 15 1/2" x 20 1/2", insulated, inside closing.
  • Alcove: Stainless steel 12-gauge alcove with No. 4 finish on inside.
  • Clean-in-Place: Removable CIP spray dish requires 90 gpm at 6 psig.
  • Vent Screens: Perforated and removable.
  • Agitation: Mechanical, horizontal agitator with hollow-shaft gear motor.
  • Thermometer: Dial-type, 20°F to 120°F.
  • Thermometer Well: For recording thermometer.

Other options available upon request.


Model DSH Silos

Mueller “DSH” silos are engineered to provide the ultimate in product protection during storage. Their horizontal design allows Mueller “DSH” silos to be used in traditional bulkhead installations right in your milk house. Standard features including foam-in-place insulation, Mueller Temp-Plate heat transfer surface, and sizes ranging from 8,000 to 14,000 gallons make Mueller “DSH” silos a perfect fit for any operation in any geographic region.


  • Inside Lining: Durable Type 304 stainless steel inner liner polished to a No. 4 sanitary finish.
  • Jacket: Type 304 stainless steel outer jacket.
  • Heat Transfer Surface: Mueller Temp-Plate heat transfer surface for precise temperature control.
  • Insulation: Foam-in-place urethane insulation.
  • Outer Bottom: Adjustable stainless steel legs with concealed threads.
  • Milk Inlet and Outlet: Three-inch inlet/outlet ferrule.
  • Manway: Top 18" diameter manway with air vent.
  • Agitation: Vertical agitator assemblies with heavy duty gear reducers.
  • Clean-in-Place: CIP spray dishes installed (field piping is required).
  • Thermometer: Dial-type on front head.
  • Thermometer Well: Recording thermometer well on front head (1/2" FPT connection).
  • Temperature Raceway: Dual temperature raceway on rear head.
  • Level: Tank-Mate liquid level shell.

Other options available upon request.