Chill Your Water For Faster Milk Precooling and Lower Energy Costs

Mueller chillers chill water that will be pumped through your plate cooler for faster cooling of warm milk. This rapid cooling inhibits bacteria growth, ensuring better quality milk. Chillers also help your milk cooler refrigeration system run less often for significantly lower energy costs.

A complete chiller system requires these basic components: the chiller itself, one or more refrigeration units, refrigeration tubing,a circulating pump and an Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger. The refrigeration units circulate refrigerant through evaporator plates within the chiller and drop the temperature of the water flowing over the plates. This chilled water then flows from the chiller reservoir through the plate heat exchanger where warm milk is passing in the opposite direction. The warm milk transfers its heat to the water before flowing into the milk storage vessel. The milk cooler refrigeration unit finishes any necessary cooling, running substantially less than if warm milk had been pumped in directly. The warm water in the plate cooler then flows back to the chiller for recooling.

Mueller offers the following chiller options:

DFE Compact Chiller

Compact Chiller

Eliminate or reduce refrigeration on your milk cooler! When you use a Mueller compact chiller in conjunction with a Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger you can either instant cool or precool your milk, depending on the milk flow.

The compact chiller cools a glycol solution that is circulated through the plate heat exchanger, which cools the milk and warms the chilled water. The chilled water is then returned to the reservoir to start the chilling cycle over.

Features and Benefits

  • Compact In Size
    Compact design requires only 14 square feet of space and fits easily in operations with tight space constraints.
  • Cost Efficient
    Refrigeration unit operation is only required while milking.
  • Designed to Cool Varied Milk Flow
  • Chiller System is Completely Plumbed

DFE LS Chiller

Model LS Chiller

Mueller's LS chiller is the most energy-efficient cooling system in the world. Used for instant cooling as well as for additional cooling, this chiller is designed for ease of operation and installation utilizing the high-quality scroll condensing unit which saves energy and provides for lower electrical cost. The LS chiller, in conjunction with an Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger, can be used for either instant cooling or heavy pre-cooling, depending on the dairy needs.

Features and Benefits
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
    Durable, polished stainless steel cabinet to prevent corrosion and contamination. Large removable covers for easy accessibility.
  • Stainless Steel Insulated Storage Tank
    130-gallon capacity which includes external sight glass to indicate fluid level and 20-mesh screen on the outlet to prevent particles from entering the pump and heat exchanger.
  • Efficient Stainless Steel Evaporator
    Engineered for 5° approach temperatures for increased refrigeration capacity and fast, efficient cooling.
  • Compact Design
    Easy-to-install, flexible design allows for expansion and growth.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator
    Discharge water monitored, controlled, and displayed for operator interface.
  • Starter Protection for Pump
    Factory-installed, high-volume pump, pre-wired with manual reset overload protection.
  • Staged Refrigeration Control
    Four-stage temperature control for independent refrigeration units or large-horsepower refrigeration units with unloaders.
  • Three-Inch Flange Connections
    All water circulation lines are 3-inch copper with 150#, 4-bolt, 3-inch flange connections.
  • Manufactured Exclusively by Paul Mueller Company
    Quality assured and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

DFE Falling Film Chiller

Falling Film Chiller

This unit requires the addition of refrigeration units, a circulation pump and an Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger. The falling film chiller can utilize from 2 to 16 stainless steel Temp-Plate evaporator plates with the capability of utilizing 5 to 10 hp refrigeration units per plate. This enables you to invest less initially and add plates as cooling needs increase over time.

Features and Benefits
  • Built To Last
    Stainless steel water contact surfaces and outer jacket provide longer life than galvanized steel; reduces the possibility of leaks.
  • Exclusive Temp-Plate Design
    Patented Temp-Plate heat transfer surface provides the most efficient cooling possible. Eliminates evaporator ice buildup.
  • Lower Cost
    Refrigeration unit operates only during milking, keeping milk cooling costs lower.
  • Compact Design
    Covers only 30-62 square feet of space.
  • Energy Efficient
    Closed loop system uses 150 to 650 gallons of water which limits water usage by recycling water through the water system.
  • Expandable
    Plates and cooling units can be added as your requirments change, depending on the chiller model chosen.
  • Sized to Meet Your Needs
    Available from as small as 10 hp and up to 160 hp models.

Avalanche Chiller

Avalanche Chiller

Features and Benefits
  • Polished Stainless Steel Cabinet and Base
    Cabinet covers are removable for easy access
  • Insulated Stainless Steel Storage Tank
    Insulated, 300-gallon stainless steel tank, measured to the center of the plate heat exchanger return, with external liquid level sight gauge, filtered vent/fill, and 2" drain.
  • Heavy-Duty Pumps
    Heavy-duty 2 hp recirculation and 5 hp PHE pump with tungsten carbide seals, isolation valves, suction strainer, flange connections, and flow switch.
  • Stainless Steel Evaporators
    Heavy-duty stainless steel evaporators with refrigerant sight glass and expansion valve installed on each evaporator.

Pre-Wired Multi-Stage Control Panel

DFE Multi-Stage Chiller Control
  • Programmable, 24-volt electronic temperature control with digital temperature displays and sensors.
  • Up to ten independent stages of refrigeration control, including heat/cool modes and independent setpoints.
  • Freeze protection safety control, pressure operated.
  • High temperature and low temperature alarms.
  • Chilled water flow alarm.
  • Fused control circuit.
  • Starter for 5 hp recirculation pump.
  • Remote start compatibility.
  • Touch pad programming.
  • Control and pump voltage options: 208-30/60/3 or 460/60/3. 50 Hz options are available on request.