Particulate/Slurry Plate Heat Exchangers

"Free-flow" plates are used in breweries, sugar plants, paper mills, and textile plants, by vegetable oil producers, and many others. The Accu-Therm Free-Flow design can efficiently handle fluids containing heavy slurries and other particulate, through the 6 and 12 mm plate gaps. Since the free-flow design has little, if any, plate-to-plate contact point, there is also less potential for plugging or entrapment of fiberous media.

Sanitary PHE Sizes

Standard Connections

  • AT40FF 4" studded ports.
  • AT161FF 3" studded ports.
  • AT184FF 8" studded ports.
  • AT192FF 12" studded ports.

Standard connections are recommended for maximum cost effectiveness and are available from stock. Lap joint and weld neck flanged connections are available at additional cost with longer delivery.

Exclusive "Free-Flow"
Features and Benefits

Handles Large Particulates and Slurries
Free-flow plate heat exchangers can be used with fluids containing fibers or particles that can block the flow channels of conventional heat exchangers, resulting in costly maintenance.

Numerous Flow Channels
Numerous free-flow channels mean continued operation is possible, even if one channel plugs. With a spiral heat exchanger, one blocked channel stops production. The free-flow plate heat exchanger's exclusive features include open fluid-flow channels that virtually eliminate any metal-to-metal contact.

Easy to Disassemble and Clean
Simply remove the compression bolts and slide away the moveable end frame. You can visually inspect and clean every square inch of the free-flow unit heat transfer surface. Ease of assembly and disassembly means less down time during maintenance.

High Heat Transfer Capabilities
The embossed pattern of the plates promotes high turbulence and reduced fouling at low fluid velocities. This results in heat transfer coefficients ("U" values) that are higher than shell-and-tube units and two to three times higher than spiral heat exchangers.

Cost Effective
High heat transfer coefficients mean less square feet of material are necessary to accomplish a given job, greatly reducing the overall cost of the units.

Compact Size
A single free-flow plate heat exchanger can do the work of multiple spiral units or one shell-and-tube in a small fraction of the required floor space.

Expandable Design
The expandable design of the Mueller Accu-Therm free-flow plate heat exchanger protects your investment. If your heat transfer requirements change, your free-flow unit will not become obsolete. The unit's thermal performance can be adjusted simply by adding or removing heat transfer plates.

Eliminates Cross Contamination of Fluids
In the free-flow plate heat exchanger, each medium is individually gasketed. The space between gaskets is vented to atmosphere, reducing the possibility of cross contamination of fluids. This feature makes the free-flow especially ideal for applications where product contamination cannot be tolerated.

Plate Construction
Free-Flow can be supplied in 316 stainless steel, Avesta 254 SMO®, and Hastelloy® C-276.

Gasket Construction
Accu-Therm free-flow gaskets can be supplied in Nitril (NBR), ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), and Viton®.