Sanitary Plate Heat Exchanger Construction

The Accu-Therm consists of a series of embossed heat transfer plates arranged to form a network of parallel flow channels. The plate pack is mounted on upper and lower guide rails and compressed between two end frames using compression bolts. Each Accu-Therm is designed according to computer generated sizing information based on a specific product application.

Mueller Accu-Therm plates are available in several different configurations for various heat transfer effects. Mueller can recommend the best plate or plate combination for your needs.

Divider terminals allow heating and/or cooling of two or more fluids within a single frame assembly!

AT Sanitary PHE Construction

The Mueller frame design consists of either solid stainless steel or mild steel painted end plates, adjustable ball- or pad-mounted feet, and a variety of sanitary connections. These features allow selection of the most economical yet performance-oriented frame design for your application.

All Mueller Accu-Therm frames are sized to allow future process expansion. Plates and/or divider terminals can be added to expand capacities as your requirements increase. This protects your investment by ensuring the Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger will continue to fit your expanding operations.

Divider Terminals
Use of divider terminals allow the heat exchanger to be designed as a multi-section unit. This allows heating and/or cooling of two or more fluids within a single frame assembly. Ports located in the corners of the divider terminal link the sections of the plate heat exchanger and allow connection of external piping.

The divider terminal's interchangeable port connections are another way the Accu-Therm adapts to your changing requirements. Single, dual, blank, and flow-through ports are available and can be positioned for vertical or horizontal piping.

In the Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchanger, each fluid is individually gasketed. Ports are double sealed with the interim space vented to atmosphere. This eliminates the possibility of cross contamination, making the Accu-Therm ideal for sanitary applications.