The Mueller Ice Systems Group Concept

Traditionally, ice systems have been used to shift on-peak loads to off-peak periods in order to reduce utility charges and minimize or avoid high, on-peak demand charges. Ice systems may be designed to produce and store ice during off-peak hours when utility rates are generally lower. This stored ice is used during on-peak hours which is classified as a load-shift strategy. Often, ice is produced 24 hours a day, a strategy called "load leveling."

Ice systems provide energy savings when there are high loads of short duration, high electric power demand charges, or low electrical charges during off-peak hours. With the advent of ice slurry and packaged ice systems, ice systems have been employed in such innovative designs as low temperature air distribution, pumped slurry systems, process cooling, and packaged ice.

We offer three types of proven ice systems, each with its own advantages:

Avalanche Ice Harvester System is an ice builder that produces ice on plates.

Avalanche Icemakers for Process Ice are available in sizes and capacities to fit the needs of the produce and package ice markets.

The MaximICE Ice Slurry System formerly offered by Paul Mueller Company is now produced by Ice Synergy Inc. Ice Synergy Inc. is not affiliated with Paul Mueller Company.

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