4x8 falling film chiller

Fully Enclosed Design Eliminates
Product Contamination

The Mueller 4x8 enclosed-type falling film chiller is fully enclosed to ensure your product is free from particles. The unit is easily accessible through gasketed doors and is designed for large-capacity chilling applications.

Distribution pans are available in low, extra-low, and high flow rates. Extra-low flow rates range from 6 to 16 gpm, low flow rates range from 13 to 24 gpm, and high flow rates range from 25 to 48 gpm (per evaporator).

4x8 FFC Back Side 4x8 FFC Top 4x8 FFC Inlet 4x8 FFC Overflow Connection 4x8 FFC Water Level
Back View

Gasketed door with latches make the chiller easily accessible for
cleaning and inspection. Outlet connections are available in various sizes and piping configurations.

Top View

Optional top doors are available for accessibility to the distribution pan for needed cleaning.

Inlet Connection

Inlet connection is shown here with optional make-up water valve.

Overflow Connection

Each chiller has an overflow connection to guard against over-filling the reservoir.

Water Level Control

Optional water level sensor is available if needed.

No. of Plates
L x W x H (in)
Distribution Pan
Connection Size
J 2 8 104 1/2 x 39 1/8 x 90 3/4 2,735 361 4" or 6"
K 2 16 104 1/2 x 72 3/8 x 90 3/4 5,220 706 4" or 6"
L 2 24 104 1/2 x 105 7/8 x 90 3/4 7,705 1,052 4" or 6"
M 2 32 104 1/2 x 139 x 90 3/4 10,190 1,397 4" or 6"
Refrigerant inlet connection size per plate is 1 1/8" tube and the outlet size is 2" pipe.
Maximum weight is based on the maximum number of plates that a chiller will hold being in the chiller.
Low flow and extra-low flow distribution pans have a 4" connection and high flow pans have a 6" connection.