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We do more than tank heads... We provide many other tank components, including dimpled jackets, manways,
half-pipe coil, flanged cones, and a variety of other products to meet your needs.

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Components Heads

Design and manufacture of standard and custom fabricated stainless steel tank heads. Cutting, forming, welding, polishing, and value-added options available.

Components Manways

Custom and standard manufacture of stainless steel manway closures for single-wall or double-wall and insulated tanks. Both ASME and non ASME. High pressure manways provide access with O-ring seal.

Components Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer
Our unique fabricating capabilities make it possible for you to have at your disposal the same types of heat transfer components used around the world on all types of process and storage vessels. Now you can have jacket, half-pipe coil, and inflated Temp-Plate heat transfer surface, all assemble and tested on a shell, head, or cone and ready for your final assembly.

Components Agitation

Mueller fabricates a broad range of agitation systems, all designed with performance in-mind. Whether it be a heavy-duty or lighter agitation system, or for use in a sanitary application, the quality that made Mueller a major producer of stainless processing is evident in every system.