Use Your Water Supply to Cut Refrigeration Costs!

Mueller DFE Accu-Therm Plate Heat Exchangers

An Accu-Therm® plate heat exchanger lets you use your existing water supply to precool warm milk before putting it in your milk cooler. The Accu-Therm will cut the operation time of your refrigeration system up to 50% and save energy and money while enhancing your milk quality.

Mueller Accu-Therm plate heat exchangers consist of a series of stainless steel plates compressed in a frame. The plates are separated by gaskets that form flow channels on opposite sides of each plate. Cool water flows down the channel on one side while warm milk flows up the other side. The milk's temperature drops as it transfers its heat to the cool water on the opposite side of the plate. The plate heat exchanger's design provides extremely efficient performance for fast precooling.

Features and Benefits

  • Saves On Energy Costs
    Uses tap water or well water to precool milk to significantly reduce operating time (up to 50%) and reduce wear and tear of your cooler's refrigeration system.
  • Maintenance Free Design
    Type 304 stainless steel end frames and stainless steel compression bolts are durable and maintenance free. No cracking or peeling.
  • Top-Quality Plate Design
    Type 316 stainless steel plates for sanitary milk contact surface.
  • Sanitary Design Reduces Cooling Time
    Reduces the time it takes to cool milk down to storage temperature while maintaining high milk quality as well as impedes bacteria growth.
  • Low-Cost Maintenance
    Clean-in-place system helps keep maintenance cost low.